Aircraft Engines from Uzbekistan to Singapore and Back

Given Globalink’s considerable experience in the aerospace sector (having transported aircraft engines and spare parts for both civil and military aviation), we are regularly called upon to provide AOG services.

Aircraft Engines from Uzbekistan to Singapore and Back
Such was the case when Globalink Uzbekistan was contracted to transport Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines from Tashkent, Uzbekistan to Singapore for the repair of an Uzbek Airlines aircraft Out Road freight Division started the transportation leg by carefully packing and loading the heavy engines onto a truck from our fleet for delivery to Navoi Airport, Uzbekistan. Globalink’s experience Air Chartering Team had already arranged for a Boeing 747-400 to be waiting for the cargo at Navoi Airport. With delivery at the airport ahead of schedule, loading was done instantaneously and the aircraft departed for Singapore. All in all it took under a day to pick, pack and dispatch the cargo to Singapore.

In Singapore, the engines were overhauled to industry standards and ready to be returned to the aircraft waiting for them. Needless to say, pleased with the efficiency that Globalink demonstrated, we were asked to handle these engines back to Tashkent.

Urgent delivery along with quality service was the essential criteria and that is what Globalink is all about. With another successful project under its belt, Globalink continues to drive forward providing a superior service second to none.

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