Hitachi Dump Trucks from USA to Kazakhstan

With all the ongoing projects in the CIS, there is always a demand for heavy equipment and with Globalink on the ground it is no surprise that they always approach us. Such was the case when Globalink received a request to handle transportation of Hitachi Dump Trucks from USA to Kazakhstan.Hitachi Dump Trucks from USA to Kazakhstan Due to prior experience of our Projects Division, all arrangements were completed immediately upon shipment’s arrival at Paldiski Port, Estonia. While the cargo was at sea, needed equipments (cranes, low bed trailers, etc) were in place and with minimal time consumption transloading from vessel onto low bed trailers was completed. Upon arrival at rail terminal, needed platforms were awaiting their cargo and having obtained all CIS permits (Globalink has agreements with all CIS Railway Authorities thus enabling us to obtain railway codes directly and at a more competitive rate) the cargo proceeded onto Kazakhstan. Working in coordination with our Projects Team, the Customs Brokerage Division cleared the shipment while our Road Transport Division completed the final phase. A superior job done by all Globalink Divisions once again.

Globalink Logistics Group LLC