Medical Equipment from Germany to Kazakhstan

Renowned for transporting heavy industrial projects effectively and efficiently, Globalink is equally well-known in auto logistics and handling vehicle shipments. So it came as no surprise when our Airfreight team was called upon to deliver 2 ambulances from Germany to Kazakhstan.

Medical Equipment from Germany to Kazakhstan
Urgently needed for replacing existing, old and worn-out ambulances, delays of any sort were simply not an option. Ready as ever to deliver, this transport combined the collective efforts of our Road, Customs and Air Freight Divisions. Firstly, all the cargo was carried from Germany to Amsterdam by special trucks, where it was then reloaded with special cranes onto the waiting air freighter to Almaty.

Upon arrival at Almaty Airport, our Customs Team cleared the shipment swiftly and passed the baton to our Road Freight division which had arranged for the needed trucks from our feet to be available. With delivery completed as per the request, this showed yet again how Globalink provides a smooth, seamless and problem free multi-modal logistics solution.

Impressed with our handling of the above ambulances, Globalink was then asked to also manage the transportation of 84 incubators and other equipments needed for the maternity wards of various hospitals in Kazakhstan. Once again, this was accomplished professionally, effortlessly and on time by our Road Transport Team despite adverse weather conditions.

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