Military Equipment from Africa to Mongolia

The transportation of military and aviation equipment is at times the most demanding as it requires additional security, superb local knowledge, unsurpassed expertise and deadlines are relatively short.

Military Equipment from Africa to MongoliaAs one of the leading international freight forwarding service providers offering integrated defense and aviation logistics services in the CIS region and Afghanistan, Globalink once again proved why it is a specialist in this field.

Globalink was subcontracted to relocate Armored Personnel Carriers and other Military Vehicles including equipment of the Mongolian Army (United Nation Peace Keepers) from Western Africa back to Mongolia.

Considering that special permissions were required for the military cargo which was mostly out of gauge, Globalink chose to route via the Baltic Sea with on-carriage by a dedicated block train service under Russian military escort to Mongolia. Globalink staff in Estonia, Russia and Mongolia closely coordinated the laborious process of obtaining special permissions from the Russian and Estonian governments including arrangements of special railway platforms and armed military escort. All this accomplished in record time to make this yet another successful project.

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