Out of Gauge from Kazakhstan to Saudi Arabia

Globalink Aktau recently handled two massive projects for the transportation of out of gauge cargo of about 1200 cubic meters from the Caspian Sea Port of Kuyrik in Aktau, Kazakhstan to Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Out of Gauge from Kazakhstan to Saudi ArabiaNeeded for one of the ongoing Oil & Gas projects, the majority of cargo had a minimum width of 4 meters and by law could only be shipped on the vessel deck. With our Aktau Projects Team on the job, a sea/river barge was chartered for the journey to the Black Sea Port of Mareupol, Ukraine. With export formalities completed and the cargo securely loaded, the shipment departed for Mareupol.

Alerted of the departure by our Aktau Office, our Globalink Ukraine team was at Mareupol port ready and waiting to take over. Having chartered a project vessel for the final journey to Dammam, the cargo spent minimal time at Mareupol and departed swiftly. The end result- delivery on time.

Of particular note here is the in-depth knowledge that Globalink possesses of the region. While transit via Iran would have certainly been the shortest route, Iran could not be used due to customer requirements as well as the political climate. Most would have opted out of handling this, especially with a tight deadline. However utilizing in-house capabilities that are spread throughout the region, Globalink stepped up, came up with a viable option, planned it thoroughly and executed it flawlessly.

By not relying on only one option, Globalink develops multiple solutions to overcome any unforeseen issues. An incredible example of this is our established Northern Transit Corridor designed to bypass transit via Pakistan (depending on the situation). Established by Globalink to reach Afghanistan via the Back Sea, the Northern Transit Corridor service has been a roaring success. With our own Globalink offices and terminals every step of the way (Poti- Georgia, Baku-Azerbaijan, Aktau-Kazakhstan, Hairaton-Afghanistan) Globalink is one of the most active multimodal transport operators on this route.

Lastly, the customer for this particular transportation was one of our frequent customers who utilizes Globalink’s services continuously due to our commitment and dedication. It is this loyalty and trust that motivates us to continuously improve ourselves and to deliver a world class service.

Globalink Logistics Group LLC