Transformers from Turkey to Kazakhstan

Globalink once again proved why it enjoys the reputation that it has worked so hard to achieve when it was contracted to handle the transportation of 2 transformers from Turkey to North Buzachi, Kazakhstan.
Transformers from Turkey to Kazakhstan
With the cargo being well out of gauge, our Road Transport Division ensured that all the needed arrangements were prepared well in advance prior to loading of cargo at origin. Once the cargo was loaded and lashed on to low bed trucks, the transformers then started the first leg of their journey from Turkey to Georgia. Upon arrival, Globalink Georgia coordinated the border formalities and monitored the shipment through their territory. From Georgia the transformers made their way to Baku, Azerbaijan where our Globalink Baku Team took over and with the required cranes in place, transloaded the containers onto the ferry they had positioned for the journey across the Caspian Sea to Aktau, Kazakhstan.

At Aktau, Globalink’s Aktau Team stepped in to handle the final leg of the journey and using required trucks from our own fleet, they completed the delivery at the job site well ahead of schedule.

A superb job by all our Offices and it is our blanket coverage throughout the region that customers have come to rely upon and enjoy.

Globalink Logistics Group LLC