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Sara Brightman in Kazakhstan

Capital Day, which commemorates the establishment of Astana as the new capital of Kazakhstan, is both a public holiday as well as one of the biggest celebrations of the year in Kazakhstan. In addition to festivals and events taking place all over the city, the government always organizes a concert and it is on a massive scale.

Cultural ornaments from Kazakhstan to USA

With a proven reputation for being the best, Globalink was contracted to transport several significant and irreplaceable cultural items from Astana, Kazakhstan to the Exhibition of Cultural, Heritage in New York, USA.

Humanitarian Aid from USA to Kazakhstan

Globalink is always honored to play a role when it comes to the transportation of humanitarian shipments. A frequent partner of many Humanitarian Aid Organizations, Globalink was approached for handling humanitarian aid which had been donated by the US government to Kazakhstan.

Aircraft Engines from Uzbekistan to Singapore and Back

Given Globalink’s considerable experience in the aerospace sector (having transported aircraft engines and spare parts for both civil and military aviation), we are regularly called upon to provide AOG services.

Magnum Tractors from Uzbekistan to Ukraine

Precise deadlines are not a challenge for Globalink, but at the peak of winter, each step of the transportation cycle has to be planned extremely well as sudden weather changes can cause serious delays.

Dyna Towers from Pakistan to Afghanistan

Globalink Logistics Group recently arranged the transportation of Military Plastic proof Dyna Towers from Pakistan to Afghanistan.

Excavator from Germany to Ukraine

Contracted to handle the transportation of a massive Bycyrus RH200 excavator, Globalink Ukraine most certainly had their hands full. Arriving from Germany with an inland destination in Ukraine, this was an enormous and intense project.

Transformers from Turkey to Kazakhstan

Globalink once again proved why it enjoys the reputation that it has worked so hard to achieve when it was contracted to handle the transportation of 2 transformers from Turkey to North Buzachi, Kazakhstan.

Oil Field Equipment within Kazakhstan

The Oil & Gas sector in Kazakhstan plays a vital role in the development of the region and local transportation of their equipment to various locations is crucial for continuous explorations and operations.

Fuel Gas Compressor from UK to Armenia

Globalink regularly receives requests for the transportation of oversized cargo and heavy lifts. Already an expert in utilizing sea-, air, sea-air, rail, sea-rail, Globalink is also extremely proficient in handling such cargo via road as well.

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