Consignment instructions – Globalink Ashgabad, Turkmenistan

PRE-ALERTS must and should be sent to the following people in Globalink Turkmenistan for any cargoes consigned to Turkmenistan.
Pre-alerts should include a MAWB copy (HAWB is not acceptable in Turkmenistan), but preferably all shipping docs. Please do not send the cargo without our confirmation.
Anastas Asryan –
Gozel Polatova –
Alisya Kuliyeva –
Guljahan Gochmyradova –
Please keep in copy corporate email address:




Consignment instructions for MAWB
Ashgabad, Turkmenistan – ASB:

Please consign the MAWB to: only to the real shipper and consignee/ or user of the goods. Should be mentioned real consignee’s name, full address and phone #.
Branch office of GLOBALINK LOGISTICS GROUP might be mentioned as Notify party only.
Business Center “Diamond International”,
15, 1958 (Andaliba) street, office 403
744005 Ashgabat Turkmenistan
Tel: + 993-12-947215

Globalink Logistics Group LLC