Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Health, Safety and Environment Policy covers all the activities of our Company and is an integral part of our management system. In our operation we are governed by principles of ensuring health and safe work conditions and environmental protection in the areas our work is implemented.

We strive to take the leading positions in the area we perform and, therefore, undertake the commitment of complying with the requirements of the current health, safety and environmental legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan, international standards and rules in industrial and occupational safety and environmental protection areas and follow the Company’s internal rules.


Every employee is responsible for obeying all safety rules, following safe work procedures, wearing and using personal protective equipment when required, participating in safety training programs and informing supervisors of any unsafe working conditions. Every employee has the right and responsibility to refuse to do work, when unsafe conditions exist. By fulfilling Company’s safety responsibilities, everyone who works for Globalink will share in the benefits of a safe and healthy workplace.


Globalink is participating and following “GoingGreen” sustainable development program. All used paper products from office and used paper based packing materials are forwarded to recycling center for further processing. Supporting this program we care about environment and sending this message to all our partner and customers.


Following the company’s Waste management and Spill response procedures, Globalink involves special organizations for proper removal, transportation and further utilization of waste produced as a result of fleet activity. As part of its developed strategy towards decreasing negative effect on the environment Globalink implements regular renewal of its fleet.


Globalink is committed to continuously improve in the environmental performance, the prevention of pollution and to improving efficiency in the use of resources including energy, water, packaging and other raw materials.


Being strongly committed to Health, Safety and Environment Policy, Globalink conducts trainings on a regular base to its personnel including those of branches on Environmental safety; besides, the procedure for subcontractors approval is strongly based on companies’ environmental commitment.

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